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    Join the TechTeam of the future!

    Acando is starting up Brickmakers in Gothenburg – focusing on delivering creative and groundbreaking tech solutions in teams with great colleagues. Do you want to join?

    Do you want to join an exciting journey starting from the very beginning? We offer you and other young and likeminded persons the opportunity to define your ways of working with new technologies. Your team will have engineers, developers and designers, as well as self-made techies. You share a curious mindset and are driven by a genuine passion to build creative and innovative solutions for our customers.

    Try out, experiment, debate and discuss to find your ways!

    The customer deliveries will be solutions that are created in innovative ways. You may use Cloud, Edge Computing, Mixed Reality, AI, Ruby Motion or whatever technology/platform/toolchain/language your team finds best fit.

    You try out, experiment, debate and discuss to find you ways. The spirit is openminded where every team members’ opinion is important. If you get stuck or need advice, there are senior colleagues from Acando willing to support you.

    You attend classes, visit conferences and fairs to be updated on the latest technology. By taking part in different communities, you find solutions and contribute. Besides working together, the team do fun activities like eSports, sports, cooking our just chilling together, it’s up to you. Your team has good vibes and are proud over your achievements and celebrate new, groundbreaking solutions.

    Acando offers you the best of both worlds – freedom and opportunity to create a new innovative way of working with new technology in tight teams, as well as a dynamic environment with a solid customer base and a stable organisation as support.

    Are you a brave entrepreneur and engineer, developer, designer or selfmade techie? We would like to get to know you!

    Information på svenska Bli en del av framtidens teknikteam!

    Acando etablerar Brickmakers i Göteborg – ett team med fokus på kreativa och nyskapande tekniska lösningar. Vill du vara med?